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SSAB Merox AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SSAB EMEA AB. Merox's function is to optimise handling of SSAB EMEAS-s by-products, scrap and waste. The Board consists of executives from Luleå, Borlänge and Oxelösund, also PTK and Metall have representatives from different locations.

More about Merox

When SSAB EMEA manufacture steel products, approx 3,5 million tonnes per year, about 1,5 million tonnes of by-products is created. Merox develops and utilises these products, which have diverse and often quite unique characteristics. This work is part of the  SSABs overall environmental work..

Merox has a turnover of approx. 500 million sek, employs about 60 persons and 100 contractors. The work in Oxelösund and in Luleå is based on SSAB's metallurgy while Merox in Borlänge takes care of scrap, iron oxide, mill scale and used equipment. In addition to these locations, where even SSAB EMEA has work, Merox  runs a ball mill in Grängesberg.

SSABs by-products reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

By correctly using SSAB's by-products, there is potential to reduce the global carbon dioxide emissions CO2 by approx. 400 000 tonnes per year.


Production of blast-furnace slag, granulation

Cement kiln



Traditional production of cement, the raw material, limestone, produces half its weight in the form of CO2 in the cement kiln.

The manufacture of 1 tonne cement creates approx 800 kg CO2

Blast-furnace slag as cementing material

When using slag products as cementing material, e.g. our cement Merit 5000, CO2 emissions are radically reduced!

Reduced emission by 800 kg CO2 per tonne cementing material!

Merit 5000, ground granulated blast-furnace slag



SSAB EMEA is a part of the SSAB-Concern and is one of the world leaders in production of cold-rolled steel. SSAB EMEA is the largest manufacturer of thin metal sheet in Scandinavia and one of the leading companies in Europe in the niched area of advanced high strength steel. These products are mostly sold directly to the customer, while ordinary steel can be sold by distributors and Steel Service Centers. SSAB EMEA have production in among other locations: Luleå, Borlänge, Oxelösund and Finspång.


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