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Paddock - Hyttsten

A paddock of Hyttsten has very unique properties:
  • Effective capture of the energy created by the movement of the hooves.
  • Good grip for the hooves at start and abrupt turns.
  • Just harrow to adjust the level of hardness.
  • A porous material that bonds damp well, especially in combination with a moist-retention sub grade.
  • Winter: correctly constructed and maintained means the paddock can be used even during frost periods i.e. longer period of use.
  • Good drainage and stabilization.
  • Quick and easy to construct.


    Resilience is a riding term. This word should be used with care. Our interpretation of the word is "springiness", others may disagree. Hyttsten is a non-resilient material, however the material functions for capturing the energy created by the movement of the hooves on "landing" and even provides good grip for the hooves at the start of the next step. A certain level of springiness can be obtained, i.e. the surface under the Hyttsten layer has springy properties e.g. damp mud. We regard the damp mud surface important in creating a good paddock.

    Hyttsten is produced in the melting process when granite is united with limestone. The appearance is similar to lava. Hyttsten contains approximately 32% calcium oxide (CaO) and 33% silicon dioxide (SiO2), both calcium (Ca) and silicone (Si) develop cement-like bonding with each other and with the mud. A so-called mud aggregate is created and has a more airy consistence than the mud itself.

    Hyttsten has the same chemical properties such as argicultural limestone M-KALK, which is approved of by the KRAV Certifcate. See the product specification for more information.

Last updated: 11 maj 2010