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Hyttsten, cast and air-cooled blast furnace slag consists of melted natural rock. Important references are E-4 south of Nyköping and south of Luleå  built with Hyttsten.

Hyttsten area of usage:

Road maintenance, road construction, ground stabilization, gravel roads, fields, paddocks, combating slippery roads, drainage and insulation. Raw material for the cement industry and for mineral industries etc.

Additional usage.

In the building branch, please contact us for advice for use of our products.

Please refer to our suggested areas of usage:

Product/ grade Hyttsten type L         (Low density)      Volume weight ton/m3 Usage
Hyttsten 0/250   1,25 Sub base, Sub ground  
Hyttsten 0/125 1,25 Sub base
Hyttsten 0/90 1,32 Sub base
Hyttsten 0/63   1,4   Sub base
Hyttsten 0/45 1,35 Sub base
Hyttsten 0/31,5 1,5   Road base, sub base  
Hyttsten 0/8   1,4   Surface course - stabilizing soil, paddocks, sand for icy roads
Hyttsten 0/4 1,45 sand for icy roads, laying concrete blocks

Hyttsten type L produced and sold by BDX

Product/grade Hyttsten type M (Medium density)    ton/m3 Usage
Hyttsten 0/125 1,4   Sub base
Hyttsten 0/63 1,4   Sub base 
Hyttsten 0/32 1,5   Road base, sub base
Hyttsten 0/16 1,5   Road base, surface course  
Hyttsten 0/8 1,5   Surface course - stabilizing soil, paddocks, sand for icy roads , laying concrete blocks
Hyttsten 2/4   1,3   Sand for icy roads - gritting sand 
Hyttsten 8/16 1,3   Drainage course, insultation for laying pipes
Hyttsten 16/32 1,3   Drainage course, insulation

Hyttsten type M is tested in triaxial testsProducts produced and sold by Merox

Do not hesitate to contact our sales personnel for more information about the usage of Hyttsten:

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BDX sells Hyttsten i northern Sweden and Merox in southern Sweden. Merox also sells Hyttsand.

Last updated: 13 maj 2010